ATX Technical View


Index: ATX
Last Price: 3,324.41

Austria’s ATX Index tries to sustain between 3378 & 3288 mark. This is a perfect retracement band for Wave 3, which may close around 3519 mark. In the past three trading sessions sentiment is not favorable for Wave 3. But in any condition if this wave sustains itself above 3352 mark, then Index may continue its travel up to 3519 mark. Where you can see a heavy selling pressure and drop down up to 3374 mark.

Volume is not supported its price movement, MACD is also not supported at this time. Below 3302 we can see 3232 mark again but in this condition trader can make their positive position for this Wave 3 with a stop loss of 3198. IF this stop loss breach by any condition then this Wave may fail.