17 Oct & Nifty

17 October has a bad reputation among traders. In 2007 India’s Nifty Index fell 108.75 points in a day of 17 October, and then in 2008 the index fell 194.95 points in a day. However, a glance at the accompanying chart tells a same story. In the 26 years since 1990, the UK stock market has only seen negative returns on 17 October. And in recent years index have remained same story on 17 October and made a loss of 378.83 in the past 26 years, only moving upward in 2 years since 2006. In 2012 & in 2014.


In the past 26 Years we got 3 Tuesday on 17 Oct 2017 and every time Nifty Index made a loss on card. And again 17 Oct 2017 fall on Tuesday. Now what happen next we’ll see but on seasonal pattern shows wreaking probabilities for the day.  To get Buy or Sell recommendation please check our Nifty Prediction 2017 book.

At this time when I made this prediction Dow, S&P 500 and Nasdaq hit record highs ahead of Netflix earnings. Even Europe closes mixed with Spain’s IBEX down on Catalonia crisis.

Krishna Attri

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