NIFTY V/S MARS – 06 March 2018

Today #Nifty slip around -1%, in the 2nd half. Now here, I am describing Why ? this fall pretend to the day.

Today is Tuesday, according to astro phenomena, Tuesday’s ruler is Mars. Now today we got Mars’s 2 hora in the day. 1st Mars hora falls between 06:58 to 07:56 (Place: Mumbai) and 2nd hora fall between 13:43 to 14:47. We do not count or analyze 1st hora, because at that time Indian market close. Now, look at the 2nd hora which was fall between 13:43 to 14:47 in the 2nd half market timing.

We know that Mars is a very aggressive planet and this planet produces its impact very fine way. So I am looking at the sky chart (13:43), where Mars hora falls.

IMG 1112

Now you can see Mars is in 6th house, Sixth house in astrology also relates to obstacles, debts, difficulties, and enemies, the ability to overcome these and win over the opposition. Here you can see Mars is aspected by Rahu’s 5th drashti. RAHU produce 100% effect on the 5th and 9th from him; 75% on the house 7th from him. So Mars is completely effected with Rahu’s drashti. Now we know Rahu is a completely malefic planet to Mars on the nasergik form. And here Rahu is also malefic on Tatkalic form too. So Mars did not have any positive impact which was generated by own strength. So we got enough idea, to make a short on Mars hora, because we know today is Tuesday which is ruled by Mars. And Mars has no positive strength today. So this is the best time period to make short for the day.

Krishna Attri

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