NIFTY V/S ASTROLOGY – 09 March 2018

On 6th of March 2018, I wrote an article on my blog After that many traders call me to know the intent theory to predict the Nifty’s trend. They also encourage me to write some more article on this intent theory. Well, I am here, to give another example. But before reading this article (or you can say to understand this intent theory) please read my previous article.

To read my previous article which was published on 06 March please Click Here. After that please keep your close eye on this Tweet and try to understand “What I want to say by this Tweet”

Well, now I am coming to my today’s article. You know today (09 March 2018) Nifty shrink in the last 2 horas around -53 Points.

In the VENUS HORA Nifty shrink – 29.9 Points
In the MERCURY HORA Nifty shrink – 23.75 Points

pakistan - class 2

Today our 1st important hora (VENUS HORA) fall at sharp 06:55 to 07:54 in the morning. Today is Friday, and Friday is ruled by Venus, therefore, we are looking to the VENUS HORA first, you can also say like that “WE ARE GOING TO WATCH VENUS HORA BECAUSE FRIDAY IS RULED BY VENUS” This time is completely neglectable, because of Indian market open at 09:15 AM. So we do not need to look at this time. After that Venus hora fall at 13:48 to 14:47 in the Noon. Now, look at the sky chart –

09 March 2018 – 13:48

In this sky chart, you can clearly see VEN & MER is in conjunction form in the Pisces sign and in the 10th house. The 10th house is the house of work and thus does not give any gain. Actually, it is a house where is income is consumed. Venus & Mercury are enemies of each other. They did not support each other. Here you can see both these two planets is staying in U. Bhadra nakshatra. U. Bhadra nakshatra is ruled by Saturn. And Saturn supports Mercury but not Venus. By this combination, we lose -29.9 points in Venus hora, after that Mercury hora start at 14:47. Now, look at the sky chart again.

09 MARCH 2018 14:47

In this chart, you can see both planets constantly in the same condition, but in the 9th house. The 09th house is the house of fate. But planets contain negativity as per their relation. So we know negativity may continue. But some recovery may possible, but due to both planets relation, this recovery is not enough. And we show we got some recovery from the level of 10,214.


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