12th House & Stock Market

In stock market astrology, everyone wants to know more about 5th & 11th house. Because these two houses directed related to stock market and profit. All astrologer always talk about these houses. But nobody gets interested in the 12th house. Even 12th also have the same importance as much as the 5th house or 11th house.


According to Vedic astrology, the 12th house explores the image of financial losses in the life of the native. Even in the stock market this house also represents “losses”. This house cover 330 – 360 – degree area on a zodiacal path. This house is dedicated to Pisces sign. And the ruler of this house Jupiter. Jupiter has 2 different sign, another sign under Jupiter is Sagittarius and Sagittarius cover 9th house on the zodiacal path.

You can clearly see in the running market when any planet came in the 12th house from the 1st house and the planet has any combination of 9th house, most of the time planetary ruled share face profit booking. This happens 90 times out of 100 times.

Krishna Attri