In the past 9 Years, 1 Astrological phenomena gave me the very impressive fortune. In the past 9 Years, I made 173 great trades in Hindalco. And my 137 trades gave me good profit in Hindalco. Actually, I found 1 simple astrological phenomena to make trades in Hindalco shares.

Here I am going to describe my these astrological phenomena to you, please read carefully and use this phenomena in your trading business.

According to the Financial Astrological Principal, The Moon has the greatest impact on those stocks that began trading for the very first time on a financial exchange during a Moon’s event. If the first trade date aligns with a Moon’s event, then that stock is a good candidate for a lunar trading strategy.

Hindalco ring the ball in NSE (National Stock Exchange) on 8th Jan 1997. Please look at Hindalco’s sky chart.

Capture 2

In this Sky chart, you can see Moon is conjunct with Retrograde Mercury in Capricorn sign. So you can say “when every time Moon conjunct with Mercury in the sky” that particular day is the Moon’s event day for Hindalco share.

We know that Hindalco Industries Limited is engaged in the production of aluminum and aluminum products, and copper and copper products. The Company’s segments include Aluminium, which includes hydrate and alumina, aluminum and aluminum product, and Copper, which includes continuous cast copper rods, copper cathode, sulfuric acid, di-ammonium phosphate (DAP) and complexes, and gold and silver products Hindalco Industries Limited is engaged in the production of aluminium and aluminium products, and copper and copper products.

Aluminum is ruled by Moon (According to some Western Astrologer). Moon is already involved with Mercury in Hindalco Sky chart. So you can say that “Moon Mercury Conjunction” is the confirmed Moon’s event for Hindalco share.

I show in the past when Moon made a conjunction event with direct Mercury” most of the time on that day Hindalco price depressed. And when Moon conjunct with retrograde Mercury most of the time on that day Hindalco price celebrate upswing move. After that, I converted these statement as a theory.  I used this theory in my trading from the past 9 years to make some good trades in Hindalco. Most of the time I made money. But here I want to tell you I always look many astrological combinations every day. Also on that day “when Moon made a conjunction with Mercury”.

Lastly, I watched this event on 19 March 2018 –


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