Intraday Trading as a Professional

Do you want to be a professional Intraday trader? If yes then, Join us on November 23rd for the Online Webinar. Krishna Attri going to show you what it takes to be a successful trader in day trading with ANY account size.

What we will cover in Intraday Trader Course (Webinar) ?

  • The truth behind “Intraday Trading”
  • Fund required for Intraday Trading to make 30K each month.
  • The physiology behind Intraday Trading
  • Stock Tape Reading for Intraday Trading
  • Stock Selection for Intraday Trading
  • Chart Reading for Intraday Trading
  • Identifying an entry, stop -loss & target for Intraday Trading
  • 1 Intraday Technique for Day Trading with an accuracy of 75%

Webinar Date – 23 Nov 2018
Webinar Time – 03 PM – 05 PM 
Webinar Language – Hindi 
Webinar Fee – 160 Inr 
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