2 Hour Webinar for Nifty Traders

If you are trading Nifty future then Join 2 hour Webinar to learn “How can we trade in Nifty future by Seasonalitical & Astrological method ?”

What we will cover in this Webinar?

a. What is Seasonality?
b. How can we use Seasonality in our trading work?
c. What are applicable astrological terms?
d. How can we use applicable astrological terms in our trading work?
e. How can we use Seasonalitical & Astrological method in Nifty future trading?

Webinar date: 08 Dec 2018
Time: 11:00 AM – 02:00 PM 
Language: Hindi 
Seats: 100
Fee: 160 Inr


● What is Seasonality?

Seasonality is a characteristic of a time series in which the data experiences regular and predictable changes that recur every calendar year. Any predictable change or pattern in a time series that recurs or repeats over a one-year period can be said to be seasonal. Seasonal effects are different from cyclical effects, as seasonal cycles are observed within one calendar year, while cyclical effects.

● What is the Astrological trading method?

Stock Market Astrology is an alternative method to predict the market. By using this mystical science we can try to predict the upcoming probability for a specific stock, index or commodity. Of course, this science is too hard to capture in a short time period. But some Astro phenomena (Whom we use in simple life) also work well to predict the upcoming probability.

● Is it possible that we can use these techniques Nifty trading?

Yes, of course. we can, Stock market is one of the most complex phenomena exists on this planet. It is more complex than any mathematical predictions. There are no technical solutions (like most popular candlestick charting, stock market cycles, etc.) can really predict stock market in short or medium term. Stock Market Astrology & Seasonality may have an alternative.


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Intraday Trading as a Professional

Do you want to be a professional Intraday trader? If yes then, Join us on November 23rd for the Online Webinar. Krishna Attri going to show you what it takes to be a successful trader in day trading with ANY account size.

What we will cover in Intraday Trader Course (Webinar) ?

  • The truth behind “Intraday Trading”
  • Fund required for Intraday Trading to make 30K each month.
  • The physiology behind Intraday Trading
  • Stock Tape Reading for Intraday Trading
  • Stock Selection for Intraday Trading
  • Chart Reading for Intraday Trading
  • Identifying an entry, stop -loss & target for Intraday Trading
  • 1 Intraday Technique for Day Trading with an accuracy of 75%

Webinar Date – 23 Nov 2018
Webinar Time – 03 PM – 05 PM 
Webinar Language – Hindi 
Webinar Fee – 160 Inr 
For any other information, please mail us at admin@attriforecasting.com
Or visit our official website.
Official website – http://www.attriforecasting.com

Why Bank Nifty shrink so much today ?

Today India’s leading Sectoral Index Bank Nifty closed with a huge loss of -2.59% at 25596.60. My many readers ask me a common question – “What is the cosmic reason behind this weakness?

I hope, my many readers already found the cosmic reason behind this weakness. But for those who cannot find, I am writing this article.

Here I am drowning today’s sky chart on the base of Vedic astrology for Bank Nifty –

Time: 09:15 Place: Mumbai

In this sky chart, you can see, this is the Virgo solar month. And other details mentioned below –

Sun – Virgo
Moon – Capricorn
Moon Navmasha – Gemini
Moon Conjoin – Mars, Ketu
Moon Aspect – Rahu
Nakshtra Lord – Moon (Own)

Nakshtra – Shravna
Yog – Sukarma
Tithi & Paksh – Shukla Dwadashi

According to applied astrological rules –

⊗ When Moon transit through Shravna Nakshtra, under Virgo solar month most of the time Bank Nifty produce positivity for the day.

Please see the page number 107, paragraph 7, and book – Astro Trading Strategy for Bank Nifty.

⊗ When Shukrma nitya yog fall under Virgo solar month most of the time Bank Nifty produce positivity for the day.

Please see the page number 109, paragraph 7, and book – Astro Trading Strategy for Bank Nifty.

⊗ When Shukla Dwadashi (T&P) fall under Virgo solar month most of the time Bank Nifty produce negativity for the day.

Please see the page number 113, paragraph 5, and book – Astro Trading Strategy for Bank Nifty.

Out of 3 lunar parameters, our 2 lunar parameters indicate POSITIVITY for the day. Therefore our 1st probability is POSITIVE.

1st Probability: Positive

Now we are going to check today’s Moon’s strength for the final probability.

Moon transit through Capricorn under Gemini Navmasha in Kumar Avastha. Gemini Navmasha produces positivity for the Moon but Capricorn reduces this positivity. Therefore on the base of Transition Moon strength is ok, that’s mean not god not bad so-so.

Now Moon is conjoined with Mars & Ketu & aspect with Rahu. Here you can see more malefic planet produce negativity for Moon. Moon strength is weak here.

Now again please keep a look on Nakshtra lord, today Moon has own Nakshtra lord. And according to the applied astrological rule when Moon has own Nakshtra lord its strength going extremely weak.

Please see the page number 25, paragraph 2, and book – A Trader’s Guide to Predicting MCX Silver.

Now here you can see Moon is extremely weak, therefore due to applied astrological rule “Weak Moon reverse the 1st probability”. Now our new probability is Negative.

Please see the page number 216, paragraph 2, and book – Astro Trading Strategy for Bank Nifty.

Final Probability: Negative (Moon strength is extremely weak so we can see strong weakness)

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Nifty on Gann’s Chart


From the last 55 days, #Nifty continue running in the bullish form on Gann Chart and gain over 1000 points. Till now we did not receive a single bearish indication. Last time, we show this type of momentum in Nifty in 2016. In 2016 Bull run around 81 days and Nifty made a gain of 1324 Points.