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Nifty recover more than 153 Points from the lower levels.


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06 Feb 2018

Since 2000, the NIFTY 50 Index has risen on average 76.92% on the 6th trading day of February. The Index has had a positive return on this day in 0.71% of years since 2000.

The following chart shows the return of every February 6TD since 2000.

NIFTY 50 6th trading day of February (2000 – 2017)


On the seasonality system, only Tata Mot gave notable daily average return around 1.80%. This instrument gave a positive indication for trend. Even Nifty also provide a positive sentiment for the day.

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A new cycle starts in Bharat Fin. This cycle may lead the price up to 1015 to 1004. Trader’s can try to make new short in this instrument near about 1044 with a stop loss of 1056 for a target range of 1015 to 1004.


This bearish pattern can be seen on the following chart and was detected by Alert™ proprietary Attri Forecast Co.