Nifty closed in Positive

Today the Indian stock market moves in a tangled range. During the day, Nifty breaks down support but not sustain below this mark and in the 2nd bar (5M) return from dug. Like I had expressed a possibility in the morning that even though the morning market showed a downturn, but it can not be believed and it was also seen. Please check my previous update.

My previous update.

And finally, the Nifty closed in positive mode.

Nifty Tech. Scan

Today #Nifty open between its Pivot & 1st Resistance levels with mild selling pressure. Even this pressure has not specified any weakness for the day. 11558 Mark is the important level for the day, below this, we can see a negative trend in Nifty future (Cm). And Slip up to 11482. 11606 Mark act as a hardel resistance for the day, above this, we can expect only 11633. MFI indicate overbought and Volume Index shows negative stability.

May 2018 Axis Bank Performance

In the month of May 2018, we got 86.36% accuracy by AP (Applied Astrological) system. Here is the graph.

May 2018 – Axis Bank Daily Performance

Overall profit is 23.15%.

Capture AAZ
May 2018 – Axis Bank Cumulative Profit

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June 2018′ performance will be published on 13 Aug 2018.

Please Note: I wrote this book in July 2018. This is a post-analysis result. Which was generated to check the accuracy, according to this “applied astrological theory”.

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Checking Performance

In the next 15 days, I am going to publish my new book and for that, I am checking the performance first. Although at present this time at 1:56 am, and I am feeling sleepy today but this work is also necessary. I have taken the last three months of data to check the performance of this book. If everything was perfect, and if I found the correct performance of this book, then in 15 days I will throw this book out on the market to sell it.
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Tech Scan – PC Jeweller

Today in the first session PC Jeweller shares plunge as much as 7.8 pct to a record low of 65.30 rupees. Yes breached 100% Fibonacci projection support. But in the 2nd session stock recover from its low and closed with a gain of 15.60% at 81.90.


But what happens next?

PC Jeweller closed above 4 SMA, this is the only single indicator indicate some bullish sentiment, either all technical indicator still in “BEARISH” trend. Even the other indicator MFI showed oversold condition for this stock.


Now 100% Fibonacci projection line act as a strong support. And Trend intensity (TI) rises to 36, suggesting a strong downtrend for the stock; MACD is also negative and below its signal line. Here I want to tell you In the morning at 10:21 AM. Trend intensity (TI) showed its value 37, and till closing time Trend intensity (TI) loss 1 point, this indicates some possible recovery. And this possible recovery may run up to 61.8% Fibonacci projection value (105.35). But please make a note here, below the 100% Fibonacci projection price may slip up to 121% Fibonacci projection value (47.84). Stock’s wave pattern suggests it’s in the last sub-wave 5 of the final wave (5) of a five-wave downtrend.

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