12th House & Stock Market

In stock market astrology, everyone wants to know more about 5th & 11th house. Because these two houses directed related to stock market and profit. All astrologer always talk about these houses. But nobody gets interested in the 12th house. Even 12th also have the same importance as much as the 5th house or 11th house.


According to Vedic astrology, the 12th house explores the image of financial losses in the life of the native. Even in the stock market this house also represents “losses”. This house cover 330 – 360 – degree area on a zodiacal path. This house is dedicated to Pisces sign. And the ruler of this house Jupiter. Jupiter has 2 different sign, another sign under Jupiter is Sagittarius and Sagittarius cover 9th house on the zodiacal path.

You can clearly see in the running market when any planet came in the 12th house from the 1st house and the planet has any combination of 9th house, most of the time planetary ruled share face profit booking. This happens 90 times out of 100 times.

Krishna Attri



In the past two days, #Nifty turns its cycle in positivity. Is this cycle predicted earlier?

Hell YES…

I predict these two days in the bullish format 1 Month before. I hope Trader’s Almanac 2018 readers remember my words which were published as reference material of page number 99.

To read the reference material please see the link which is available on page number 99 in Trader’s Almanac 2018 book. Reference material’s snapshot is enclosed with this message.


Krishna Attri


pakistan - class 2

Today Nifty shrink around 94.5 Points within 18 Minutes when Mars hora start. I hope you all remember my one previous post which was published on 06 March 2018. Where I describe “How can we analyze hora impact on Nifty ?

want to read my previous post which was published on 06 March 2018, please click here.

Can we see again this reaction in Next Tuesday ? This completely depends on the planetary formations.

Krishna Attri


NIFTY V/S ASTROLOGY – 09 March 2018

On 6th of March 2018, I wrote an article on my blog http://www.krishnaattri.blog After that many traders call me to know the intent theory to predict the Nifty’s trend. They also encourage me to write some more article on this intent theory. Well, I am here, to give another example. But before reading this article (or you can say to understand this intent theory) please read my previous article.

To read my previous article which was published on 06 March please Click Here. After that please keep your close eye on this Tweet and try to understand “What I want to say by this Tweet”

Well, now I am coming to my today’s article. You know today (09 March 2018) Nifty shrink in the last 2 horas around -53 Points.

In the VENUS HORA Nifty shrink – 29.9 Points
In the MERCURY HORA Nifty shrink – 23.75 Points

pakistan - class 2

Today our 1st important hora (VENUS HORA) fall at sharp 06:55 to 07:54 in the morning. Today is Friday, and Friday is ruled by Venus, therefore, we are looking to the VENUS HORA first, you can also say like that “WE ARE GOING TO WATCH VENUS HORA BECAUSE FRIDAY IS RULED BY VENUS” This time is completely neglectable, because of Indian market open at 09:15 AM. So we do not need to look at this time. After that Venus hora fall at 13:48 to 14:47 in the Noon. Now, look at the sky chart –

09 March 2018 – 13:48

In this sky chart, you can clearly see VEN & MER is in conjunction form in the Pisces sign and in the 10th house. The 10th house is the house of work and thus does not give any gain. Actually, it is a house where is income is consumed. Venus & Mercury are enemies of each other. They did not support each other. Here you can see both these two planets is staying in U. Bhadra nakshatra. U. Bhadra nakshatra is ruled by Saturn. And Saturn supports Mercury but not Venus. By this combination, we lose -29.9 points in Venus hora, after that Mercury hora start at 14:47. Now, look at the sky chart again.

09 MARCH 2018 14:47

In this chart, you can see both planets constantly in the same condition, but in the 9th house. The 09th house is the house of fate. But planets contain negativity as per their relation. So we know negativity may continue. But some recovery may possible, but due to both planets relation, this recovery is not enough. And we show we got some recovery from the level of 10,214.


NIFTY V/S MARS – 06 March 2018

Today #Nifty slip around -1%, in the 2nd half. Now here, I am describing Why ? this fall pretend to the day.

Today is Tuesday, according to astro phenomena, Tuesday’s ruler is Mars. Now today we got Mars’s 2 hora in the day. 1st Mars hora falls between 06:58 to 07:56 (Place: Mumbai) and 2nd hora fall between 13:43 to 14:47. We do not count or analyze 1st hora, because at that time Indian market close. Now, look at the 2nd hora which was fall between 13:43 to 14:47 in the 2nd half market timing.

We know that Mars is a very aggressive planet and this planet produces its impact very fine way. So I am looking at the sky chart (13:43), where Mars hora falls.

IMG 1112

Now you can see Mars is in 6th house, Sixth house in astrology also relates to obstacles, debts, difficulties, and enemies, the ability to overcome these and win over the opposition. Here you can see Mars is aspected by Rahu’s 5th drashti. RAHU produce 100% effect on the 5th and 9th from him; 75% on the house 7th from him. So Mars is completely effected with Rahu’s drashti. Now we know Rahu is a completely malefic planet to Mars on the nasergik form. And here Rahu is also malefic on Tatkalic form too. So Mars did not have any positive impact which was generated by own strength. So we got enough idea, to make a short on Mars hora, because we know today is Tuesday which is ruled by Mars. And Mars has no positive strength today. So this is the best time period to make short for the day.

Krishna Attri

The Panic Of 1857

THE PANIC OF 1857 In June of 1854 the North Node passed in Taurus, which indicated that the Economic Curve of business was now moving slowly from Normal to “Below Normal.” The period of passing through the signs of Taurus and Aries was a Transition Period and marks the years from 1854 to 1857 as a Transition Era, despite the fact that business volume was to points above Normal during the middle of 1856. This was due to the presence of a favorable secondary factor, Jupiter in Pisces. Pisces is the sign which governs the topmost point on the chart of the New York Stock Exchange and shows business conditions at large.

Jupiter was also in conjunction with the North Node and with Neptune, the planetary ruler of Pisces. The combination of these factors showed the above normal business activity during 1856. Stocks were up and business was very good. In February 1857, Saturn was square the North Node, although Jupiter was in conjunction with it. This caused a drop of three points in Business volume and as Saturn was in Cancer during all of 1857 it was passing over the Ascendant of the chart of the New York Stock Exchange, a critical point for showing action on the New York Stock Exchange. Stock prices dropped all spring and summer and business volume shrank during this period culminating in the fall in a sharp drop which carried business volume thirteen points below Normal.

This was known as the Panic of 1857. Economists attribute this Panic to over development in the West and excessive railroad construction during this period. The Panic was clearly shown, however, by the fact that the lunation (conjunction of the Sun and Moon every twenty-eight days) for September fell in 25 degrees Virgo in exact opposition to the Mid-heaven of the New York Stock Exchange and in exact opposition to the North Node, and Nep-tune also, in the Mid-heaven of this Chart in 27 and 21 degrees of Pisces respectively. Referring to the Business Cycle Chart, it is easy to see that Pisces is the sign next to the lowest for business activity and prices and that the Business Curve was now “Below Normal.” The effects of the Panic of 1857 was felt throughout 1858 with business volume from ten to six points below normal.


In February 1859, the North Node moved into the sign of Aquarius, which is the sign on the lowest point of the Business Cycle Chart. This indicates that the Business Curve was at its lowest point with prices below normal. However, a glance at the graph depicting business volume for the period shows that business hovered from two points above normal to two points below normal in activity; therefore, some strong secondary factor must have been present which indicated that prices and business volume were up to normal.

This was the condition present during 1859, and it was depicted by Saturn in Leo sextile Uranus in Gemini. It was during this time that the Atlantic submarine cable was laid. This aspect came into force in August 1858 and pointed to a rise in business volume from the lows of the Panic of 1857. This aspect was effective throughout 1859 and indicated that business activity would reach normally. Neptune, which is one of the planetary rulers or significators, of the New York Stock Exchange, was in 28 degrees Pisces, the mid-heaven of the New York Stock Exchange Chart during 1860 and trine Jupiter in Cancer on the Ascendant of the Chart. The ascendant and mid-heaven are two of the most important angles of the Chart in relation to stock market trends and general business activity. Since this aspect was favorable, it pointed to a rise in business generally. The business curve rose five points above normal through July, 1860. This was the high point of this secondary trend as Saturn moved into Virgo August 26, 1860, and in this position was approaching a. square aspect with Uranus. This was a signal that the trend had changed and that the averages of stocks were going down and business activity with it.

This article was written by Mc Whirter in 1935.